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In July 2017, Topman asked five artists to collaborate with them on their fashion show. Max was one of them. His project, "I Love You, Man" looked to destabilise our view of masculinity. 

'These include the poet Max Wallis, whose exploration of love, youth and masculinity chimes well with Topman’s catwalk characters who have long wandered comfortably through countless eras and locales. For Transition, Wallis has put together a film that takes the idea of the myriad ways men can simply say "I love you."'

Ben Evans,

Max created an intimate room in a 10,000 sq ft space on the roof of Truman Brewery. 15 screens were mounted on a maze of columns, with men on loop saying the phrase I LOVE YOU, MAN. As you walked around the space you heard men of all ages, ethnicities and sexualities saying both to each other, and to you, that they loved you, man. In the corner of the room, under a neon scrawl of Max's handwriting, the title poem hung on the wall.

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