• WHO?

    Polari Prize-shortlisted poet Max Wallis has been called the "future of Poetry". He is the author of Modern Love (flipped eye) and received two Arts Council grants, one of which funded a research trip to live in polar darkness for a week in solitude. Formerly Harper's Bazaar's roaming poet in residence, Max’s poetry has focused on modelling, fashion, as well as love, intimacy and modern interpretations of sexuality.


    'One of the most authentic voices in contemporary poetry today and we must adore him.'




    ‘I’ve waited a long time for this, an astonishing new voice. Max Wallis writes from the depths of 2am, with a magnificent ruthless stare into the heart of love, sex, joy and regret. These are gorgeous, supreme poems whose unflinching honesty cuts right down deep to the bone. Read this book.’




    He was the face of Evian for years and walked for Cerruti and Comme des Garçons in Paris. His book Everything Everything, marks the beginning of a year-long examination of millennial sexuality.