Modern Love

    flipped eye

    In his début pamphlet, Max Wallis traces the year-long course of a love affair and all its constituent parts: sex and sensuality, longing and loneliness, desire and disappointment, heady beginnings and inevitable endings; in a world dominated by high street brands, text messaging and social media. Featuring trademark acrobatics with language in an attempt to grapple with this fast, feisty world, Modern Love recasts love in a sincere, vivacious voice.

    Jack Frost & the Swans


    Max's first children's book was supported by an Arts Council grant. It looks at a world gripped by winter and one boy's quest to save the sun. It follows a journey through narrative poetry, from the wintry days of August, through the Battle of High Street and the Pilgrimage of the Swans. The young boy faces danger as Jack Frost wages war against the world of birds. Illustrated by the fantastic Grace Lowe and currently under consideration by publishers.

    Everything Everything

    November, 2016


    From threesomes, fights and one-night stands that end up lasting a year, Everything Everything takes you deep inside the world of millennial sexuality. The book draws back a curtain and gives an intense, sometimes overwhelming, shot of reality. Limited to 200 copies, each costs £50 and is signed by the author.

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